Belly button piercing: Cost Pain Healing Aftercare

Belly Button Piercing
A complete Guide to Belly Button Piercing Belly button piercing is done on the outer lips of the belly button. They are also famously known as navel piercing. From the iconic singer Britney Spears to the Paris Hilton fashion Diva, many celebrities sported this bold look. This fantastic look enhances your style and makes you look more...

Tongue Piercing: A complete Guide

Tongue Piercing
Tongue Piercing If you love tiny bead piercings, how about experimenting with them over your tongue? Here, we would discuss some really fascinating forms of tongue piercing. Namely, a horizontal tongue piercing and vertical tongue piercing. A vertical tongue piercing is considered a very safe form of tongue piercing, especially when we compare it with horizontal...

Eyebrow piercing 101: A complete Guide

Eyebrow piercing
Eyebrow piercing: Everything you need to know An eyebrow piercing is done over the eyebrow of an eye. It is a very trendy choice these days. To most people, it gives the impression of Jack Sparrow and the pirates. It is done with the help of a cannula. A steel sterilized cannula is inserted from one...

Conch Piercing 101: Pain Healing Infections Faqs

conch piercing
Conch piercing: Everything you need to know Concha is the outermost part of your ear, which is somewhat spiral. It is the cartilage that gives shape to the outer ear. The ear-piercing done at the concha of an ear is known as a conch piercing. Also Read: Tragus Piercing: Pain Healing Cost Aftercare Faqs Lobe Piercing: Everything about Pain...

Tragus Piercing : Pain Healing Cost Aftercare Faqs

Tragus Piercing
Everything you need to know about Tragus Piercing The Tragus Piercing is the prominent eminence extending from the outer ear, which covers the meatus or the ear canal. This piercing is done manually by a piercer. The piercer inserts a sterilized needle through the Tragus, after cleaning or sterilizing the area. The piercing is either done from...

Lobe Piercing : Everything about Pain Cost Healing

Lobe Piercing
A complete Guide to Lobe Piercing Want to look different yet the same? An ear-piercing is the fanciest way to change your look game. The most traditional form of ear piercing is indeed lobe piercing.  Here is all you need to know about lobe piercing, from types to cost, to healing time, to aftercare and infections and...

All about Rook Piercing: Pain, Healing, Infection

Rook Piercing
A complete Guide to Rook Piercing If you are hunting for a funky and edgy look, then Rook piercing is your cup of tea. Tragus and Daith appear to become more attractive options, but then again, who likes looking the same as everywhere else?  Aside from looking modern and elegant, the rook piercing seems flexible, and it's planning to...

Industrial Piercing complete guide

Industrial Piercing
Industrial Piercing: Everything You Kneed to Know Industrial piercing is any two cartilage earrings connected with a single piece of bar. This industrial bar generally goes through the upper cartilage of the ear, usually the forward-helix and the helix on the opposite side. One barbell connects both pieces. An industrial bar can be done in numerous ways across the...

Helix Piercing | A complete Guide

Helix Piercing
Helix Piercing : Types, Pain, Healing, Aftercare, Side-Effects  Ear piercing is one of the most common Trends that teenagers all over the world are following today. Helix piercing is one of the most popular forms of ear piercing these days. However, piercing has been practiced since ancient times and is considered to be a remembrance of...

Everything about Nostril Piercing: To do or Not

Nostril Piercing
Everything you need to know about Nostril Piercing   Right after ear piercing, the second type of piercing that became famous is the Low Nostril Piercing. This is a conventional type of nostril piercing that people get done when someone is getting a nostril piercing. This is done on the nostrils. This can also be done on either...