conch piercing
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Conch piercing: Everything you need to know

Concha is the outermost part of your ear, which is somewhat spiral. It is the cartilage that gives shape to the outer ear. The ear-piercing done at the concha of an ear is known as a conch piercing.

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What are the different types of Conch piercing?

Based on the concha parts, inner conch and outer concha, the conch piercing is also of two types.

Outer conch piercing

The outer conch piercing is made on the flat side of the concha. The outer concha is the place between the antihelix and helix.

Inner conch piercing

The inner conch piercing is towards the inner side at the inner concha. It is situated adjacent to the ear canal and forms the middle part of the ear.
The inner conch piercing is considered to be the trickiest among all kinds of ear piercings.

Double conch piercing

When talking about the various types of conch piercing, how can one forget about Double conch piercing? It is the same as a conch piercing.
The only difference is in the number of piercings made. In a Double conch piercing, two conch piercings are made adjacent to each other.
And as we all know, doubling the number of piercings means doubling the amount of swag.


As compared to the other ear piercings, conch piercings are slightly more expensive. This is because it is a bit tricky to get it pierced perfectly.
On average, the cost of a conch piercing can range between thirty to ninety dollars.
It depends on the location and popularity of the shop and the experience of the piercer as well. Moreover, the choice of material also plays a determining factor.
For instance, titanium jewellery is way more expensive than silver ones.


conch piercing pains minimally more than other ear piercings. This is because the concha is thick cartilage. But it is bearable.
The other reason is the size of the needle used by the piercer. Usually, a fourteen gauge needle is used, which causes pain.

How long does it take for a Conch Piercing to heal?

Keeping in mind the position of a Conch piercing, it takes much longer for it to heal. The cartilage is what makes it difficult.
It may take anywhere from three months or to a year for a conch piercing to heal.

conch piercing


  1. The most important thing to keep in mind after a conch piercing is your ear cleaning regime. You must not insert a cotton bud in your ear for cleaning purposes. 
  2. This might make your jewellery move from its place and cause trauma. Instead, clean your ear canal with the help of water.
  3. Avoid wearing earbuds or headphones, which may make your jewellery move.
  4. Clean the piercing site regularly with saline water and a clean cotton wool swab. 
  5. In case of infection or pus, you can even clean with a diluted solution of betadine.
  6. Remember to dab your ear dry after cleaning. If your ear has unwanted moisture, it might become a hub for bacteria to dwell. 
  7. Also, do not rub the area; it may cause reddishness.

What are the risks associated with Conch Piercing?

  1. The risks for a Conch piercing vary from individual to individual. These are some of the common risks associated with Conch Piercing.
  2. Reddish and mild inflammation is often seen at the site of the piercing. This is the typical response of the body as it initially treats the puncture made for piercing as a means of the wound. It often subsides in a couple of days.
  3. If reddishness and inflammation persist for a more extended period of time, it is quite likely that you have developed an allergic reaction against the material of your jewellery. It is often seen with itching and blisters.
  4. If inflammation remains constant or increases, along with pus formation, it is quite understandable that you have developed an infection. 
  5. This can be corrected with an ointment in the initial stage, which you can ask for from your piercer. At a later stage, you might need to consume antibiotics prescribed by a physician.

Frequently asked questions

How bad do conch piercings hurt?

The pain scale associated with conch piercings is higher. This is because it is done over the cartilage of the ear, the Concha Cartilage.

Is a conch piercing Dangerous?

Since one needs to use a larger gauge needle for conch piercing, it makes it slightly dangerous.
However, if the piercer is experienced, this would not be a problem at all. If you wish to minimize the risk associated with the larger needle, you can even opt for dermal piercings.

How long after a conch piercing, can I change it?

If you want to change your piercing jewellery, you must wait till it heals completely; otherwise, you can invite unwanted stress and infection.


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