Eyebrow piercing
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Eyebrow piercing: Everything you need to know

An eyebrow piercing is done over the eyebrow of an eye. It is a very trendy choice these days. To most people, it gives the impression of Jack Sparrow and the pirates.
It is done with the help of a cannula. A steel sterilized cannula is inserted from one end of the eyebrow to the other.

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What is horizontal eyebrow piercing?

Typically, eyebrow piercing is done over a vertical plane. But, these days, a horizontal eyebrow piercing is also being done.
It is commonly done towards the upper end of the eyebrow. It is done towards the rear end of the eyebrow.

Can men get eyebrow piercing done?

An eyebrow piercing is a badass look for all men. You would find eyebrow piercing in most men who love the look of gothic or are associated with rock bands.

What is the average cost of eyebrow piercing? 

The average piercing cost for eyebrow piercing can be around thirty to forty dollars plus the jewelry cost.
Unlike most piercings, where the piercing is free, and the customer is supposed to only pay for the jewelry, it is not the same as eyebrow piercing.
Here, the customer also needs to pay for the piercing as well. The price may increase with the experience of the piercer.
This is known to be one of the trickiest forms of piercing and must only be done by experts. This is because of the presence of supraorbital nerves around the piercing site. 

How much does an eyebrow piercing Pain?

When talking about the Pain associated with an eyebrow piercing, it is much low. You would feel some pressure along with a slight pinch, and that’s all.

What is the Healing Time?

An eyebrow piercing, if done correctly, takes somewhere between two to three months. It is strongly advised not to move or change your eyebrow piercing within this time period.
It might cause more stress and damage to the nearby arteries and nerves.

Eyebrow piercing

Aftercare protocol for eyebrow piercing

The aftercare for eyebrow piercing is vital. This is because of the location.

  1. A small amount of white discharge is seen at the piercing site. You can easily clean this with damp cotton wool and dab it dry.
    If you feel the amount of release is more than usual, you must contact your piercer.
  2. You must clean the area with saline water and cotton wool.
  3. If you see pus or signs of infection, switch to betadine solution instead of saline water.
  4. Avoid wearing eye makeup, as it may cause infection.
  5. Do not rotate or change your jewelry till the incision has healed completely. Doing so may cause distress.
  6. Do not go for eyebrow waxing, threading, or plucking of eyebrow hair.
  7. Discuss the face wash you use with your piercer as well.
  8. Remember always to dab your skin dry. The moist area attracts microbes to cause infection. 
  9. Never rub the towel to dry the area. This is because the fiber endings in the towel can get stuck in the piercing and cause it to pull or move from its position.
    It is not only painful but will cause a lot of trauma to the skin.

What are the risks of eyebrow piercing?

  1. Unlike other kinds of piercings, this piercing has much fewer chances of infection associated with it.
  2. The most common risks reported with eyebrow piercing are headache, migraine, and rejection. If any of these symptoms exceed, you must take extra precautions.
    You might even have to get your piercing removed. 
  3. Since this site has many superficial nerve endings, nerve damage is the most severe risk. Eyebrow piercing is usually done at an angle of forty degrees.
    If the piercer is not experienced, there can be severe compilations as well.

What is the significant side effect caused by eyebrow piercing?

The temple has numerous arteries and veins which supply the eye. They are known as supraorbital nerves and arteries.
While piercing, the blood gushes at the sight of the incision. As compared to other piercing sites, the blood gushing here happens in more quantity and at a speedier rate.
This happens are the blood vessels here are more superficial. This blood gushing may cause a black eye.
This is the most common side effect associated with eyebrow piercing. Usually, this is cured by a cold compress.

Frequently asked questions

Do eyebrow piercings get infected easily?

Eyebrow piercings fall very low in the infection section. They rarely catch an infection if the aftercare rules are followed.

How often should I clean my eyebrow piercing?

It would be best if you cleaned your eyebrow piercing at least two to three times a day.

How long do eyebrow piercings last?

Eyebrow piercings can last for an entire lifetime. The only case in which it must be removed immediately is severe headaches, migraines, or rejection by the body.

Are eyebrow piercings painful?

No, eyebrow piercings rank low on the pain list.



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