Nasallang Piercing
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Everything about Nose Nasallang Piercing


Nasallang piercing is believed to be one of the most extreme among all other piercings. In this piercing, the piercing is done on three sides of the nose. Cliff Cadaver, a well-known piercer, invented it.
The first and second sides are your nostril’s walls, and the third is the septum that divides the two nostrils.
The piercing starts with one of the nostril walls and goes through the septum, and lastly coming out through the other nostril wall. 

Experts usually prefer this piercing to you only when you already have several piercings on your body and that you are now well aware of its care and cleanliness.

In nasallang piercing, the number of jewellery is restricted to straight barbells than other piercings in which you have plenty of options to choose from. But, you have options to change the beads if you wish to change your look.

Piercing refers to holes made on various parts of the body, leaving eyes to beautify ourselves. People place different jewellery in the pierced area.
In simple words, the piercing can be defined as an act of decorating your body with jewellery and objects by attaching them to your skin. Some people refer to piercing as puncturing. 

Getting a piercing is not at all a challenging task. But, maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the piercing is tough. If you do not take proper care of your piercing, then you might get into trouble with getting infected. 

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Nasallang Piercing Pain

The nasallang piercing takes about four to six months to heal. This piercing is not so comfortable because of the septum’s involvement as compared to other piercings like septum and nostril piercings, whose pain level is relatively low, and you can easily bear it.
nasallang piercingis more intense than any other piercing, and the pain level is a bit higher. 

Nasallang Piercing

But, everyone has their pain tolerance level. So, if one is rating nasallang piercing pain on the scale of 3/10, at the same time, the other person might rate it 8/10.

As you know that in this piercing, the object goes through your cartilage of the septum, this makes this piercing a bit unbearable because it hurts a lot. 


As soon as you get the piercing done, it would help if you immediately started taking care of it. Following are some of the tips that you can follow to assure cleanliness of the pierced area:

Nasallang Piercing

  • Forget that you have got a nasallang piercing on your nose, and try not to touch it in any case. The reason behind this is that your hands are exposed to the external environment.
    Due to this, it might be dirty or might contain bacteria. Putting your hands on the freshly pierced area could lead to infection. 
  • It would be best if you cleaned the piercing twice a day. This ensures hygiene around the pierced area and reduces the risk of disease. You can prefer warm salt water to continue with the cleaning procedure. 
  • After cleaning the site, you should dry it with the help of a towel whose fibre does not stick to the wound. Your towel should also be clean.
  • Do not pull the jewellery of the piercing. Due to this, it might cause stretching of the skin and loosening it. Stretched skin will not look good.
    Whenever you clean the area, remove your jewellery so that it does not stretch the skin.
  • During the healing/proliferative stage, you should be extra careful if there is any discharge or pain. This is like an alarm that tells you that you have to be more conscious about the wound. 
  • During the seasoning/maturation stage, which is the last stage, you can remove that old jewellery that was put while piercing. After removing this, you should keep an eye on the piercing.
    In case you feel that the piercing is healing itself and that the hole is also filling, you should immediately put another one. By this, your piercing won’t fill. 

Nasallang Piercing Risk

Nasallang Piercing

  • Migration: If you keep touching the piercing and keep stretching the jewellery, there is a high risk of jewellery getting dislocated.
    This will result in the decrement of the beauty of piercing. After the jewellery is dislocated, you can’t do anything to make it normal again.
  • Infection: There are so many chances that the person having a piercing might get infected. This can be due to dirt, bacteria, or your skin is allergic to some specific metal.
    Hence, you have to be very picky while selecting any jewellery. To identify whether you are suffering from an infection, there are three indicators: swelling, pus, or irritation. 
  • In case you are having just a bump, then that is because of irritation and represents some disorder with the healing. It would be best if you got alerted and try following some tips of the piercer. 
  • It might happen that your body might also absorb the metal of the jewellery. You should observe your piercing very well, and in case this happens, then remove the jewellery and consult your piercer.
  • Whenever you are changing your cloth, your jewellery might get stuck without you identifying it. And you will end up getting a wound due to the stretching of the skin.

As mentioned above, those are some most common issues that you might face after getting a nasallang piercing.
But, there are many more issues that people might face. If you encounter any unusual symptoms, you must visit the piercer from whom you got the piercing done.
They are well-trained and might help you in tackling the infection or the issue. From there, they can suggest you visit a doctor in case the problem is a bit complicated.


Other than being so attractive, nasallang piercing has several side-effects, and they are: 

  • Your skin might stretch and leave a scar if you put on heavy jewellery.
  • Your skin may be unable to adjust with the metal and can cause irritation.
  • If in the future, you wish to remove the jewellery and hope that the piercing gets filled, then you should know that the mark will remain.
    Nasallang piercing is that piercing that leaves a mark on your nose. Even though the hole gets filled, then also, people will be able to see the mark. 



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