Nostril Piercing
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Everything you need to know about Nostril Piercing


Right after ear piercing, the second type of piercing that became famous is the Low Nostril Piercing.
This is a conventional type of nostril piercing that people get done when someone is getting a nostril piercing. This is done on the nostrils.
This can also be done on either side of the nose. In many countries, low nostril piercing is considered a cultural thing and holds a lot of meaning.
The left side, as well as right side nostril piercing, is available in this case. In many traditions and cultures, right side nostril piercing holds a different meaning than left side nostril piercing. People style their noses in different ways.
There are different kinds of nose pins that are available that do the job of giving your nose a pretty look. There are screw-ins, push-ins, etc available.
There are few types of nose pins available that can be used without getting the piercing done. They can serve the purpose of looking good without going through the piercing.
Having said that, the nostril piercing is not a painful task. It is less painful than a lot of other kinds of piercing done around the world.

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What is high nostril piercing?

This is unlike the general nostril piercing that we know. This is generally done where the bones of the nostril end. You have an option of getting the nostril pierced on either side.
You can do it on the left side or the right side, or both sides. Though this is unlike the conventional type of piercing that we know of, but a lot of people are already trying it.
Hence, the popularity of this type is growing. The main reason why this type got famous is that this piercing holds comparatively less risk and is relatively less painful.
The reason is that it is done on that part of the nose, which does not carry any cartilage or tissues or bones. Hence, it is probably the go-to place for a newbie to get the piercing done.
This is generated in the middle eastern part of the world and has taken precedence over all the other nostril piercing types.

Nostril Piercing Pain

Nostril Piercing

There is no scale to measure the pain of piercing that a person may go through because of the nostril piercing pain. It depends completely on the ability of the person to withstand the pain.
Few may experience extreme pain, whereas others may experience no pain at all. Overall, it is not a very overwhelming feeling of pain and can be overcome easily within a few weeks or months if taken care of properly.
There might be bleeding, and signs of bruising that generally heal completely with time. It can be tender, sore, or red for a few days before it looks and feels completely fine.
The time is taken to heal also depends on person to person depending on their way of lifestyle. Few people may experience extreme pain, and few people say they barely felt any pain.
There are medications and ways available that can reduce pain while the piercing is done. Rubbing ice or using a numbing cream help a lot in reducing the pain during the nostril piercing.

Most professionals use these tricks to make sure that they are going through the piercing experience the most minor pain.


The aftercare of the nostril piercing can be pretty tricky at times. It is really important to take care of the nose piercing in the long run.
The initial few days are essential when it comes to taking care of the nostril piercing.

  • There can be bleeding and bruising, so it is essential to take care of the first few days.
  • There can be chances of infection in the long run as well.
  • If you wear loose jewellery that can move in the nose piercing, it can be a potential reason for causing friction within the hole and cause problems in the future.
  • In the initial few days, when the flesh is still soft and the nose piercing is still healing, then loose jewellery can be a natural hazard.
  • You may be allergic to disposing of your nose piercing to metal touch. For example, you may be allergic to gold or silver or any other type of metal. Using a nose pin made of that metal can be harmful to a nose piercing that has just been done.
  • There are possible chances of scarring as well.
  • If there are any underlying allergies or issues that need to be taken care of, it is really important to take care of that as well.


There is not much potential risk in getting a nostril piercing done. Unless there is any old allergy that needs to be taken care of, there is no huge risk of getting a nose piercing done.

Nostril Piercing

  • One risk that a person might face after a nose piercing is the risk of nose jewellery getting stuck to a cloth and getting stretched. This leads to the tearing of the skin of the nose and leading it to a wound.
  • After-care is, however, very important in case of a nose piercing if you want to reduce the chances of infection of nose piercing.

Side effect of Nostril Piercing

Everyone’s body is not made to adapt to piercing. Few people face some problem at the start, but after some time, their body starts to manage with the piercing.
There are so many side-effects of the nostril piercing. Some of the most common ones are given below:

  • There are chances of having swelling or pain near the nostril  pierced area.
  • Other than swelling and pain, people have also faced allergic reactions to piercing. This might be due to the fact of your body being reactive to a specific metal.
  • People having sensitive skin might face constant soreness.
  • Other than the above-mentioned side-effects, there are a few more side-effects like itching, pus, and redness of the skin.

Summarizing the topic, piercing magnifies your beauty, but you should understand the need of your body. Following safety and healthy ways of getting a nose piercing can help you in maintaining a healthy piercing.



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