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Nose Bridge piercing | Pain, Aftercare, Risk or More

Nose Bridge Piercing

A complete Guide to Nose Bridge Piercing

As the name itself suggests that Nose Bridge Piercing refers to penetrating a pointed decorative item through the skin. Bridge piercing refers to the penetration of the same through the skin of the face. This piercing is a bit different from other piercing techniques. 

In this type of process, the piercing is done on the face where the nose’s bone dips away between the eyes. This nose piercing is known as nose bridge piercing.
In short, this kind of piercing is done on the skin present in the centre of the space between the eyebrows and the start of the nose. 

The importance of piercing is that it is a way of beautifying our bodies. In earlier times, it was believed that ear piercing helps to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle.
On the other hand, 
nose piercing, in the older times, was thought to result in strengthening ovaries, due to which good sexual changes occur in women. 

Talking about the duration that a piercing takes to heal varies from person to person, around two to three months.
During this healing period, you should try not to touch or move the pin without any reason. This is because your outer part of the pin is exposed to air and the external environment.
Due to this, there are specks of dirt and bacterias on it. Rotating the pin means allowing the dirt to move into the wound, which can cause infection. 

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Bridge Piercing Pain 

Talking of the pain caused due to nose piercing, the pain is not much, and hence, bearable. This is because the needle that is used to perform nose bridge piercing pierces only the skin rather than the hard cartilage.
While the experts are doing this type of 
nose piercing, they keep in mind that the needle goes through the nose’s thin skin. Due to this, the needle’s length to cover to pierce is small, resulting in less pain.
This is why this piercing technique is referred to as the 
nose bridge piercing, where the term “bridge” refers to the upper skin rather than going deep. 

Aftercare of Nose Bridge Piercing

After you get a nose piercing, you are required to take great care of it. It takes time to heal after you undergo nose bridge piercing. During this time, it becomes essential to take care of it because your skin area is open, just like it happens in a wound. 

Nose bridge piercing

  • The area around your eyes is sensitive, and you cannot rely on anything to treat the pierced area. It would be best to keep in mind several things to prevent that pierced area from getting infected from bacteria and dirt. 
  • The very first thing to keep in mind after getting a nose bridge piercing is that you must keep yourself away from alcohol, bactine, or hydrogen peroxide. These items will worsen the condition by drying the wound rapidly rather than naturally. 
  •  It would be best if you clean your piercing with the help of dilute solutions. All you have to do to make this solution is mixing four teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt into one gallon of distilled water. Now, spray the solution on your hands and then the area where you have the nose bridge piercing. Firstly clean your hands and then your nose. 
  • Remember not to use cotton as the cotton fibre can stick on the healing piercing resulting in irritation. 


Having a nose bridge piercing is easy but maintaining it in a proper manner is a difficult task. There are several risks related to this piercing. 

  • As we know that the skin on which this nose bridge piercing is done is soft, so if you wear heavy jewellery in that piercing, then it can cause loosening of the skin and also cause scar marks. 
  • When your piercing is new and has not yet healed, you must take proper care of its alignment at that time. If you didn’t do so, then your piercing location can change during its healing period and then become rigid on that misplaced location after healing. 
  • Other than this, the nose piercing can cause damage to any nerve resulting in numbness. 

Bridge Piercing Side effects

Not everyone’s body is adaptive to piercing. Some might even face side-effects. Below are some points listing the most common side-effects.

Nose bridge piercing

  • After undergoing this nose bridge piercing, you might experience some swelling or pain. 
  • The main side effect of this piercing is allergic reactions. It might be a case that you are allergic to a specific metal. 
  • Some people have sensitive skin, and they might face constant soreness.
  •  People might also face the problem of having abnormal itching and swelling. 

Concluding the topic, piercing enhances beauty, but the method should not cause your health problems. It would be best if you tried following safety and healthy ways of getting a nose piercing.


Rhino Piercing: Pain Aftercare Risks Side-effects

Rhino Piercing

Everything about Rhino Piercing

Rhino piercing is a cartilage piercing and is one the most uncommon among all other piercings. It is done starting from the nose tip and comes out from the cartilage of the nose. The other name of Rhino piercing is vertical piercing. It is named so because it resembles the spike of a rhino.

When you press the tip of your nose using two fingers, you will be able to feel two different parts. One part will be soft and will feel like muscles. The second part will feel like it contains cartilage. The first is the one where the Rhino piercing majorly occurs. The most common jewellery that is used for this piercing is a curved barbell.

This is one of the hardest piercing, and thus its price is a little bit higher than other piercings. Only the experts having a higher experience level could do this piercing.

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Rhino Piercing Pain

Coming to the “pain” part, Rhino piercing is the most painful piercing. It is kept at the top of the list. This is so because this piercing involves cartilage and not just the flesh. It is also believed to be one of the most “uncomfortable” piercing as it requires a significant of flesh that the needle must travel.

You must note that if you get Rhino piercing from an expert, then everything will go smoothly. Also, the pain is decided based on your pain tolerance. Some might feel just a pinch of pain, and for some, it might be unbearable. As per the stats, most people have said that the pain was comparatively less than their expectations.

Aftercare of Rhino piercing

Because this is a cartilage piercing technique, so, it takes time to heal. The estimated duration of healing is about 6 to 7 months. But, you can try to speed up the process by following various methods. Below are some points that you can follow:

Rhino Piercing

  • Avoid the thought that you have got a Rhino piercing on the tip of your nose and try not to touch it. This is because your hands remain exposed to the outer environment. Hence, it might be dirty or might contain bacteria. Putting your hands on the freshly pierced area could lead to infection.
  • It would be best if you cleaned the piercing two times every day. In this way, your piercing is clean and healthy. This reduces the risk of infection. Washing it with warm salt water is the best idea that you can go for.
    After cleaning the area, you should dry it with the help of a towel whose fibre does not stick to the wound.
  • It’s best to avoid swimming till your wound gets healed completely. This is because you never know when your piercing might get infected due to the chemicals in the water or something else.
  • You should always check the piercing. If you feel that the piercing is slightly shifting, you should immediately remove the jewellery to prevent the scar or any tissue damage.


  • If the piercer is somehow unable to manage and does something wrong, then there are chances that you might suffer heavy damage.
  • If the object used to pierce touches the cartilage present at the centre of the nose during the piercing, it would badly affect your nose.
  • Whenever you are changing your cloth, your jewellery might get stuck without you identifying it. And you will end up getting a wound due to the stretching of the skin.
  • Migration: Migration does not mean that the jewellery you are wearing will come out of the piercing. So, you have to be extra careful about the location of the piercing and the jewellery.
  • Infection – Swelling, bleeding, and pus are some of the characteristics by which you can understand that there are some issues related to piercing. Not everyone’s skin is comfortable with this. If you face any of the three issues, then it denotes infection.

Side effects of Rhino Piercing

Other than being so attractive, Rhino piercing has several side-effects, and they are:

There are chances of stretching the skin if you put on heavy jewellery. This will leave a mark on your nose that will not at all look good.

You might face irritation or itching on the skin near the pierced area. This might be because your skin is unable to accept the metal of your jewellery. In this case, you should immediately remove the object and consult your piercer.

If you wish to remove the jewellery in the future and hope that the piercing gets filled, you should know that the mark will remain. Rhino piercing is that piercing that leaves a mark on your nose. Even though the hole gets filled, then also, people will be able to see the mark.



Nasallang Piercing | Pain, Aftercare, Risk and more

Nasallang Piercing

Everything about Nose Nasallang Piercing


Nasallang piercing is believed to be one of the most extreme among all other piercings. In this piercing, the piercing is done on three sides of the nose. Cliff Cadaver, a well-known piercer, invented it.
The first and second sides are your nostril’s walls, and the third is the septum that divides the two nostrils.
The piercing starts with one of the nostril walls and goes through the septum, and lastly coming out through the other nostril wall. 

Experts usually prefer this piercing to you only when you already have several piercings on your body and that you are now well aware of its care and cleanliness.

In nasallang piercing, the number of jewellery is restricted to straight barbells than other piercings in which you have plenty of options to choose from. But, you have options to change the beads if you wish to change your look.

Piercing refers to holes made on various parts of the body, leaving eyes to beautify ourselves. People place different jewellery in the pierced area.
In simple words, the piercing can be defined as an act of decorating your body with jewellery and objects by attaching them to your skin. Some people refer to piercing as puncturing. 

Getting a piercing is not at all a challenging task. But, maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the piercing is tough. If you do not take proper care of your piercing, then you might get into trouble with getting infected. 

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Nasallang Piercing Pain

The nasallang piercing takes about four to six months to heal. This piercing is not so comfortable because of the septum’s involvement as compared to other piercings like septum and nostril piercings, whose pain level is relatively low, and you can easily bear it.
nasallang piercingis more intense than any other piercing, and the pain level is a bit higher. 

Nasallang Piercing

But, everyone has their pain tolerance level. So, if one is rating nasallang piercing pain on the scale of 3/10, at the same time, the other person might rate it 8/10.

As you know that in this piercing, the object goes through your cartilage of the septum, this makes this piercing a bit unbearable because it hurts a lot. 


As soon as you get the piercing done, it would help if you immediately started taking care of it. Following are some of the tips that you can follow to assure cleanliness of the pierced area:

Nasallang Piercing

  • Forget that you have got a nasallang piercing on your nose, and try not to touch it in any case. The reason behind this is that your hands are exposed to the external environment.
    Due to this, it might be dirty or might contain bacteria. Putting your hands on the freshly pierced area could lead to infection. 
  • It would be best if you cleaned the piercing twice a day. This ensures hygiene around the pierced area and reduces the risk of disease. You can prefer warm salt water to continue with the cleaning procedure. 
  • After cleaning the site, you should dry it with the help of a towel whose fibre does not stick to the wound. Your towel should also be clean.
  • Do not pull the jewellery of the piercing. Due to this, it might cause stretching of the skin and loosening it. Stretched skin will not look good.
    Whenever you clean the area, remove your jewellery so that it does not stretch the skin.
  • During the healing/proliferative stage, you should be extra careful if there is any discharge or pain. This is like an alarm that tells you that you have to be more conscious about the wound. 
  • During the seasoning/maturation stage, which is the last stage, you can remove that old jewellery that was put while piercing. After removing this, you should keep an eye on the piercing.
    In case you feel that the piercing is healing itself and that the hole is also filling, you should immediately put another one. By this, your piercing won’t fill. 

Nasallang Piercing Risk

Nasallang Piercing

  • Migration: If you keep touching the piercing and keep stretching the jewellery, there is a high risk of jewellery getting dislocated.
    This will result in the decrement of the beauty of piercing. After the jewellery is dislocated, you can’t do anything to make it normal again.
  • Infection: There are so many chances that the person having a piercing might get infected. This can be due to dirt, bacteria, or your skin is allergic to some specific metal.
    Hence, you have to be very picky while selecting any jewellery. To identify whether you are suffering from an infection, there are three indicators: swelling, pus, or irritation. 
  • In case you are having just a bump, then that is because of irritation and represents some disorder with the healing. It would be best if you got alerted and try following some tips of the piercer. 
  • It might happen that your body might also absorb the metal of the jewellery. You should observe your piercing very well, and in case this happens, then remove the jewellery and consult your piercer.
  • Whenever you are changing your cloth, your jewellery might get stuck without you identifying it. And you will end up getting a wound due to the stretching of the skin.

As mentioned above, those are some most common issues that you might face after getting a nasallang piercing.
But, there are many more issues that people might face. If you encounter any unusual symptoms, you must visit the piercer from whom you got the piercing done.
They are well-trained and might help you in tackling the infection or the issue. From there, they can suggest you visit a doctor in case the problem is a bit complicated.


Other than being so attractive, nasallang piercing has several side-effects, and they are: 

  • Your skin might stretch and leave a scar if you put on heavy jewellery.
  • Your skin may be unable to adjust with the metal and can cause irritation.
  • If in the future, you wish to remove the jewellery and hope that the piercing gets filled, then you should know that the mark will remain.
    Nasallang piercing is that piercing that leaves a mark on your nose. Even though the hole gets filled, then also, people will be able to see the mark. 


Third Eye Piercing | Pain, Risk, Aftercare and more

Third Eye Piercing

Everything you need to know about Third Eye Piercing

Third eye piercing is also sometimes referred to as Forehead piercing or bindi piercing. In this type of piercing, small colored dots, which are sometimes also small jewelry pieces, are placed on the forehead on the area between our eyes.

This piercing looks the same as “bindi” in the Hindu religion. But, the difference is that the bindi is not pierced, but the third eye piercing is pierced.

The piercing is done on the area above the eyebrows. Third eye-piercing comes in many patterns and colors.

There is a broad category to choose from online and at local makeovers. Because of its adaptability with the forehead, smaller jewelry is suggested. You may replace them every time you wish to have a new look.

If you’re curious about having a third eye piercing and wish to know about the same, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got all the knowledge you should know about this piercing to help you figure out what is right for you.

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Third-Eye Piercing Pain

As compared with other piercings, third eye piercing is quite low in ranking on the pain scale. According to the people who have got this piercing, they have said that they barely felt any pain while getting this.

But, it should also be considered that everybody has a different threshold to pain. Some could bear very high pain, and some could not even withstand a slight pain.

So, we could say that the pain caused by a third eye piercing is not unbearable, and you will easily handle it.

Coming to its healing, it could take about 4 to 6 weeks to heal fully. But there are a few aftercare steps that you can follow to speed the healing process.

Aftercare of Third Eye Piercing

Third Eye Piercing

There are a few tips that you can follow if you want to speed up the process of healing the pierced area. Other than this, the following information will also help maintain the piercing location and other risks.

1. Do not touch: Forget that you have got a third eye piercing on your forehead and try not to touch it in any case.
The reason behind this is that your hands are exposed to the external environment.
Due to this, it might be dirty or might contain bacteria. Putting your hands on the freshly pierced area could lead to infection.

2. Cleaning the region: You should clean the piercing twice a day. This ensures hygiene around the pierced area and reduces the risk of infection.
You can prefer warm salt water to continue with the cleaning procedure.
After cleaning the site, you should dry it with the help of a towel whose fiber does not stick to the wound. Your towel should also be clean.

3. Drop the idea of swimming for a few weeks: It’s best to avoid swimming during the healing period.
This is because you never know when your piercing might get infected due to the chemicals in the water or something else.

4. Keep an eye on migration: You keep an eye on the piercing. If you feel that the piercing is slightly shifting, you should immediately remove the jewelry.
If you didn’t do so, then you might end up having a scar left or tissue damage.

Risks of Third Eye Piercing

Third Eye Piercing

Other than several positivities, there are so many risks associated with third eye-piercing. Below are some of the most common risks that people face.

1. The skin of your forehead is thin, so the chance of migration is high.

2. Whenever you put on a cloth to wear, the jewelry might get stuck with your cloth and stretch the skin. It might also cause bleeding.

3. There are several blood vessels on your forehead. If in case those blood vessels get affected, then it might result in infection or irritation.

Side Effect

Third eye-piercing looks very beautiful. In the beginning, after getting a piercing, you might face no issues. But, after a few days, your body might start reacting to it in different ways. There are several side-effects of third eye-piercing. They are:

1. Your skin might start stretching due to the jewelry and can cause scars.

2. Sometimes the jewelry that is placed on the piercing has a metal that your skin might not withstand. This can cause irritation or other reactions.

3. Having a piercing might cause a change in skin color.


Getting a third eye piercing is a good idea because it adds to your beauty. But, it also requires proper attention. If you do not pay good care to it, it might cause you some trouble like pain, irritation, infection, etc.

While you are choosing jewelry, then you must be extra careful because then the skin of the forehead is thin and cannot hold heavy jewelry.


Septum Piercing Guide | Pain, Aftercare, Healing

Understand Everything about Septum Piercing before you Regret it.



Septum piercings are expected to become significant since before Jessica Biel opted to venture out during 2013 with such a sleek and trendy septum ring, accompanied by Rihanna and FKA’s likes Twigs (who kept this an essential aspect about her appearance).A little more than five years later and it has been moving high.
Everybody from Zendaya to Zoe Kravitz rocked a phony or a genuine septum ring indeed, so this figure is now only starting to increase while the days go by.
Scroll here below our rapid-fire shot across all Septum piercing guide stuff, with everything in perspective.

You’d be right about your assumption when you felt you have been seeing so many individuals with septum rings nowadays. That is because it is legitimate, as per The New York Times.

Before only being famous to rock musicians and other cultural groups, for Millennial and Generation Boomers, septum piercing seems to have become a part of daily life, standard piercing

But instead of reality, there’s also no lack of celebrities like Willow Smith and Jordin Sparks who are flaunting the piercing—and they look stunning whenever they do.

Septum Piercing Process Guide-

How Septum Piercing Done?

First, let us understand what precisely the word Septum piercing means.

septum piercing is the nasal cavity’s piercing, considered to be somewhere between your nasal lines. The needle passes across a small piece of skin towards the front near the nose, and afterward, the jewelry is inserted in place—usually a horseshoe, ring, or, less typically, a bar.


Septum piercings seem to be a bit like several other piercings, though there may be differences throughout the technique. Typically, though, the piercer clears the region expected to be pierced while using a little clip to secure the Septum. They push a cannula (a solid needle connected to something like a tube) via the nose while inserting the jewelry out through a different gap. When the jewelry is placed (generally a horseshoe-shaped bar), the piercing becomes successful. Let’s look at the steps more undoubtedly:

STEPS – Basic steps for Septum Piercing.

Your piercer might check and ensure that your Septum is, therefore, an acceptable choice. 1. It’s unusual to be refused service with a deviated septum, but that does take place.

  1. You’re going to sign the papers that declare your age and agreement.
  2. You may select the accessories you want to be placed to rock through the recovery process.
  3. The piercer will sanitize your instrument and nose.
  4. The piercer would fix the placement with something like a marker, and the needles would be placed through that mark.
  5. The accessories are then added, and you’re finished with your septum piercing. It seems to be over there in a moment.

The complete guide for Septum Piercing by A NEEDLE OR A GUN.

Unless you’re a kid from the 1990s, you might recall walking to a mall and having your ear pierced via a worker with something like a piercing pistol in someplace known as Claire’s or perhaps a standard any or a Septum piercing plaza.

You ended up living to tell stories, though. However, that doesn’t guarantee you will do it again.

During a conversation with Elite Daily, Lopez stated: “A piercing gun fires like some stapler. It uses a flat earring and pushes something through your flesh, tearing your tissues,”

“However it doesn’t give room for inflammation as well, as the tool on its own cannot be disinfected. 

That might be sufficient to never really get threaded with such a gun.” Think regarding those excellent excuses never to, somehow, get a septum piercing guide throughout this way!

This is why you can go ahead with the needle because the piercer uses a blade as you go to have the Septum pierced. “Piercing needles seem to be laser cut, even though they’re extremely precise, which makes it possible for everyone to direct them through hands with accuracy,” she added. Including, except for guns, they are clean. 


The value of accessories alone does not contain this cost. It’s indeed worth mentioning that not always is the least expensive option the strongest.

You charge for value and quality whenever it applies to septum piercings. Please ensure you perform your homework and pick the proper studio. The rates of shops rely on where the individual is based and his fame.

It’s indeed worthwhile remembering that you’ll never get to piercings now – spending a bit extra and visiting a genuinely successful, qualified piercer will be much safer than sparing a couple of bucks.

Septum piercings typically cost from fifteen to forty dollars. However, check another very legal piercing place near you to see how often they demand. You will pay approximately thirty bucks for a minimum.

Guide to Septum piercing pain-

Septum Piercing

Among the most urgent concerns, a septum piercing newcomer would have over having a septum ring is undoubtedly the latter: will it hurt? But in the meantime, how much more of it?

Yeah, there’s some terrible news and some great news. Indeed, the worrying thing is that it would be hurting, but there’s nothing to stop that as well. Yet this positive thing would be that it probably won’t affect for even a while, and it isn’t a severe pain either.

“It’s quite nearly equivalent to a single nose piercing,” said experienced piercer Tiny Tatz during a conversation with Bustle. “It seems like you’ll have to sneeze or even like whenever you struck mostly in the nose, so your eyes are watering for just like a fraction second.”

Even though it doesn’t usually sound pleasant, it certainly looks controllable, suffering for lengthy enjoyment of piercing your passion.

Tatz noted that perhaps the process could still be a tad uncomfortable, and therefore piercer needs to use some equipment to ensure they are doing the piercing right, but that isn’t a massive issue anymore.

Being that, whether you’re frightened of needles, that could render this a challenging encounter. Your value for septum piercing can be different.

Septum piercing hurt level-

Septum piercing isn’t likely to become pain-free. Typically it’s pretty standard since most individuals have the sweet spot of membranes among the nose and cartilage.

Nevertheless, many people wouldn’t have this, which implies that having a septum pierced will be considerably more excruciating. Fortunately, in what seems like a brief moment, the immediate discomfort will be over.

There’s going to be a mild agony, mostly during the process of recovery, and perhaps some pressure, and it’s nothing you might not be capable of handling.

Pain feels distinct for everybody, so don’t panic once a person tells you this was the hardest thing they’ve ever encountered because the next individual you question might have endured almost nothing.

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Complete guide to healing time of septum piercing-

Probably the most painful recovery and discomfort for the septum piercing healing time- could be around seven to twenty-one days, but up to six to eight months for a full recovery.

However, that’s ok to switch your septum accessories around six to eight weeks, as mentioned earlier. The latter are only rules, so you might as well understand what you think and prepare yourself to recover appropriately for just as long as humanly possible.

How much does recovery take for a septum piercing? What is the healing time equivalent for septum piercing?

A tiny amount of white fluid is perfectly natural, although your Septum piercing might be tainted when you see any green or yellow drainage.

Your piercer must, though, present you with all the requisite wound care details, so you can revert with them and have the piercing examined after if you’ve any issues whatsoever.


Like other piercings, prefer to leave the Septum piercing well enough alone and disinfect every day with fresh water. There seem to be great saline splashes out there, which fit best on both nose piercings regardless of the positioning.

Strangely speaking, Becca’s main advice would be to “drench the edge by your nose with salted water,” something she claims sounds funny, yet it performs the job, to heal the Septum piercing faster.


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Like in other piercings, septum piercings get the same complications, and some will be more severe than anyone else.

Irritating and swollen-

Many face skincare products and items, notably alcoholic lotions, which may trigger an uncomfortable inflammation and discomfort throughout the piercing. When practicable, strive to maintain this from reaching the Septum.


The Septum may not be as prone to become contaminated as other piercings because mucous membranes (interior) are plentiful throughout your nose to avoid diseases. The only threat is that the jewels will become in bad condition.

Septal hematoma-

The title might seem frightening, and yet what that’s like is much worse. When septum piercing triggers bleeding or inflammation, you may start having breathing problems through your nose and may probably wind up with a deformed face.

Fortunately, that’s very uncommon, but if you sense increased pressure and perhaps bleeding, head directly towards your GP and get it right.

Piercer Incompetent-

Unless you do not get a professional piercer, you’re not going to get the right piercing because they could end up destroying the Septum. Please ensure doing some homework in advance.

Complete Guide to AFTERCARE of Septum Piercing-

Septum Piercing

Of course, cleaning and washing the septum piercing improves to deter infections and improve care, which is very clear. One fascinating thing concerning septum piercings indicates how they are not vulnerable to infection due to their particular position.

As for aftercare, adhere to the guidelines your piercer sends you to wash the septum piercing. Another very crucial bit you have to do. As per the Piercing Professional Community, it looks something like this:


  1. Before cleaning, carefully clean your hands and nose using a non-scented antiseptic solution.
  2. Using one of the quick salt spray products frequently per day to avoid bacteria from building up.
  3. Using a dense cloth to rub the solvent throughout the Septum carefully.
  4. Remember not to adjust the piercing excessively. Start giving it just a little swivel to get into the solvent.
  5. Do not clean well over twice per day; stop heavy skincare products or ethanol during the first fourteen days as inflammation can occur.
  6. You should be ready for up to two months, maybe perhaps more, for septum piercings if you’d like to guarantee there seems to be no contamination.

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How to clean septum piercing?

You have to plunge your Septum piercing often (or even more) daily into a clean solvent of sodium or even a sea salt mixture. Washing your hands often with soap when you do this— do not handle your piercing until your palms are clear.

Because it is not very simple to immerse your nose in the water, you should rinse hand towels and paper towels inside this fluid and spread this for ten to fifteen minutes on your piercing. 

When your piercer advises, you should clean even your cleaner, be careful it isn’t aromatic, colored, rough, and therefore doesn’t involve triclosan. Afterward, rinse extensively and wipe this with a fresh, junk towel. That’s it! Ok, you’re great to go till tomorrow.

You do not have to do much once you have healed your piercing. Just make sure always to keep it secure, sanitize it properly, and clean it.


As per a Science Magazine report, all women and men acquire piercings, but females appear quite prone just to get pierced than their men equivalents.

Even a lot of the men enjoy a piercing or more, so this means piercings of the Septum or known as Septum piercing, that may not be limited to women.

In reality, this unique alteration of the body certainly has not traditionally been directed by the feminine. 

Dowdell mentioned in interaction with GQ-

“The septum piercing has persisted around throughout countless generations, evolving from warrior societies, quite presumably while a fighter with such a massive tusk hanging through his nose appears exceptionally fierce.”

In comparison, many men get septum piercings throughout modern society and feel awesome in them. You could see all types of hotties rocking this style and completely carrying that off, just being at New York Fashion Weekend or maybe only here on a popular Pinterest website. We’re here because of this, all of you!


Septum Piercing

Be mindful regarding your jobs or your education-

Be certain that you are legally permitted to wear the Septum piercing when you work or at classes. It might hurt since you have gone through plenty of hassle to receive the help, hear your supervisor and take it out. Initially, consider the question.

Do the background reading—

Be certain you choose the best piercing shop that suits you, also that accessories you’ve selected are appropriate, and therefore that you understand precisely by researching what you’ll be heading towards.

Would you like to hear how Those who ended up getting such bruises/marks?

One aspect you shouldn’t need to think around with a septum piercing involves apparent wounds since the piercing passes along the inside of your nostrils. However, if you keep showing out your bruises, you’re out of reach.

Make preparations for the feedback –

Your friends and relatives will potentially make remarks or assumptions regarding your Septum piercing. It would be reasonable since it’s such a distinctive piercing so that it will happen throughout time. Only realize, you’re looking great.

Set realistic expectations of pain-

Be willing to feel some pain. It is necessary to control those perceptions, though, as you can waste time working up the possibility much more in your mind. It won’t become as horrible as you feel it might be.

Start preparing for being calm –

Once you have a piercing, you will need to be careful. Just wait a bit longer before you remove or pull off your septum piercing. Always tend to follow these septum piercing guide regarding the ongoing care.

Make preparations for post-care-

Be inclined to pay at a minimum of five minutes per day, washing the piercings frequently every day. To prevent infections and discomfort, thorough piercing treatment and care are worth everything.


Not all of them have the correct facial shape to wear a septum piercing. Question the piercer what they feel that’s going to appear like first.

Piercer Tatz has first-hand contact with those with deviated septums. “When your nostrils aren’t always perfectly straight throughout, this may not appear perfect. 

Consequently, you would like to question your piercer whenever a septum ring seems to be a smart option, whether you are susceptible to sinusitis, allergy, or some other illness that makes you blow your nose a great deal.

Or you could purchase a fake to check through the mirror how all of this appears on you.


You’ll have to sit tight from one, including up to two years, for just a fully recovered septum piercing, skilled piercer Allison Minor claims. When you don’t expect to alter your accessories frequently, it’s securely closed for the third or fourth months. “Piercings cure in from the outside, then it might tend to feel cured,” explains Lopez. 


Let us assume you feel you like the appearance of something like a septum piercing, and you’ve determined you’re never prepared for the dedication it takes to pierce your Septum.

Maybe you’re just quite terrified of its discomfort or concern of it awry, mostly with piercing. Or perhaps you might not have the savings to do otherwise.

Don’t worry, as there’s yet another alternative: you may wear a piece of fake jewelry around your Septum. 

You will discover an entire bunch of fake or phony septum piercing through Amazon, Etsy, and eBay for too little cost. In reality, getting a faux septum ring until you have to go through a new deal can help us understand the picture as to how it appears to you and how the others around you might respond to all of it. This is a way of providing everything a road test. Uh, Brilliant! 

One lady posted online regarding her experiences of having a fake septum piercing once in a whole week. Whether or not phony septum rings appear plausible, and she succeeded in tricking everyone. You should be able to, too! 


As of now, note that septum piercing seems to be utterly fantastic, and this will look stunning. It’ll be worth this if you believe you’re prepared and pursue a certain septum piercing guide.


Septum Piercing Infection | All Related FAQs

Septum Piercing Infection FAQs

Septum Piercing Infection | All Related FAQs

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Septum Piercing Side effects | FAQs
Septum Piercing Guide: Pain, Aftercare, Healing Time

How does an infected septum piercing smell?

Some dead skin cells and bacteria mix up with oil secretion, which creates a funky smell. This smell is very stinky and unusual. You should clean your piercing, take out your jewelry from your septum, put it in some lukewarm water, and then wear it.
It is the only way to get rid of that funky, stinky smell. Ensure your piercing and jewelry are clean if you want to avoid that stinky smell from your septum piercing.

How do I make sure my septum piercing doesn’t get infected?

First of all, choose an experienced and licensed piercer for your septum piercing. Make sure to clean your piercing on time, avoid touching your piercing very often, don’t crust it, and use lukewarm water to soften any crusting.
Use a clean cloth to dry piercing after cleansing, make sure that skin around the piercing doesn’t get dry(moisturize it well), avoid swimming for few days. Don’t forget to clean your jewelry as well; gently turn the jewelry during the cleaning process.

Do septum piercings get infected easily?

If we speak about septum piercing, they are least prone to infection because it is done between the mucous membrane (present between your nostrils). This is considered a unique location because these tissues are very soft and self-healing in very little time.
There are very few chances of getting a septum infection until you get proper precautions and take care of your septum piercing.

How do you know if your septum is infected?

After getting your septum pierced, if you find excessive bleeding, experience intolerable pain, yellow, green, or some milky discharge, it is high time to visit your dermatologist or doctor because these are the signs of the infected septum.
After getting your piercing, if you find a little bit of swelling is also a matter of concern. If you feel any healing sensations or excessive redness or feel unwell, you may have an infection.

How long does septum piercing infection last?

It mainly depends on how much infection is there, and it also depends on the skin sensitivity as well as. If you take proper care of your septum piercing, take all precautions, and maintain hygiene, then it will be fine in 1-3 weeks around.
If your septum is infected, avoid touching your septum or your jewelry very often because it can increase infection quickly.

Is my septum piercing infected and irritated?

If you find excessive bleeding or blood clotting, unusual discharge, hot sensations and excessive swelling around your piercing area, and redness, then your septum piercing may be infected.
If you find yourself unwell and your skin is getting irritated, then you should go to a professional doctor for further queries and treatment.

Septum Piercing Side effects | FAQs

Septum Piercing Aftercare Faqs

Side effects of Septum Piercing

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Septum Piercing Infection | All Related FAQs
Septum Piercing Guide: Pain, Aftercare, Healing Time

Can a septum piercing cause headache?

Yes, septum piercing can cause a headache even though headache is one of the most common septum piercing side effect. If you are having sinus issues and all they probably the headache maybe last more longer.
So anyone who is having sinus issues should be very cautious about his headache and further side effects like headache.

Can I flip my septum first day?

Flipping your septum jewellery or accessories on the very first day is not a good idea. If you flip your septum first day, then it would be a harrowing experience because the septum has not healed yet.
It will take a proper time to heal that piercing, but if there is any compulsion of flipping it, then flip it once and leave it. Do move it repeatedly; otherwise, it will irritate your skin and don’t forget to wash your hands first before flipping it.

What nose shape is best for septum piercing?

Any shape and size of the nose can look great with a septum piercing. But generally, septum piercing best suits on wider noses rather than narrow noses provide much surface area for septum piercing.
Wider septums are considered better over narrow for piercing. Piercing are very versatile so you can enjoy it with your different experiments, it would look great on any nose shape.

Can a septum piercing hit a nerve?

Yes, It is possible that a septum piercing can hit a nerve. If it hits any nerve, then it will cause temporary numbness or pain.
It is sporadic, but you should be very careful while septum piercing if anything happens like this, it will be very painful and take so much time to recover. It would be best if you went to some professional piercer to avoid these kinds of complication.

Does septum piercing make your nose look bigger?

Not at all, neither septum piercing or any other nose piercing make your nose look more prominent. It is merely a myth; even they create a mesmerizing look and add more fashion to your lifestyle.
They enhance your beauty, and those accessories are the brownie point for you because they make you look more beautiful. You can try a different kind of accessories to high up your fashionable style.

How quickly do septum piercing close?

It depends upon the type of your skin and the gauge. If it is fresh and you are not wearing anything in piercing then gradually it starts closing, and within a year it can be close.
You should wear some accessories in your septum piercing; otherwise, it will start closing if your gauge is more profound than it can take more than one year to closed.

Can you sleep with your septum flipped up?

Ans. Yes, it is okay to sleep with your flipped up septum only if it is the retainer. If it is the retainer then without any doubts, you can sleep while flipping it up.
If it is not a retainer, then ensure that the two balls are flipped up into your nose, and they are screwed on tightly. Just make sure it does not fall out while flipping up, it should be tightened. Otherwise, it can be a matter of concern.

Does a septum piercing affect you breathing?

Difficulty in breathing is a rare side effect of a septum piercing. This side is known as the name of a septal hematoma. It is considered one of the most severe potential threats of septum piercing, and it starts causing difficulty in breathing gradually.
If you are feeling any difficulty, then you must visit and doctor and can go for any other professional help for your concern as soon as possible.

Septum piercing Pain | All Related FAQs


Septum Piercing Pain | All Related FAQs

Also read:
Septum Piercing Guide: Pain, Aftercare, Healing Time
Septum Piercing Side effects | FAQs
Septum Piercing Infection | All Related FAQs

Septum piercing is short of piercing, which is done between your nostrils. This piercing goes through the soft tissues between your nostrils (this is the reason of septum piercing pain). Nowadays, septum piercing is considered a trending icon. It looks unique, and you can add accessories to it to enhance its beauty to out most. Of course, it is a sort of piercing, so obviously, it will hurt, but in comparison to the other piercings, it hurts the least because septum tissues are very soft. Hence, it is less painful than cartilage and any other hard tissues. Once the piercing is done, you must take care of it until it heals properly.

Are septum piercings painful? / How bad does a septum hurt? 

Whenever anyone thinks about any piercing, then the first question that comes to our mind is pain. It is a universal truth that piercing hurts, but septum piercing hurts least because it goes through the fleshy tissues present between your nostrils.
These tissues are very soft and gentle in contrast to cartilage other hard tissues. Because of the softness of these tissues, septum piercing hurts the least.
The pain of the septum piercing is tolerable and almost ten times less than nose piercing because there is the least number of nerves ending on the outer side of your nose instead of the inner side of the nose.

Can you die from septum piercing?

Well, It is tough to believe that anyone can die from septum piercing. It is rare and almost impossible to die from getting your septum pierced because the piercing is widespread and useful that can be healed with due time.
Still, one should be concerned about health issues and have an eye on their piercing that it doesn’t get infected. Sometimes septum piercing can lead to several infections, which can create complications later.
Before getting septum pierced, you should check adequately either the material used in piercing is sterilized or not. Have a person check on cleanliness and hygiene too.
Septum piercing should be done only by professionals then you can decrease the risk of several complications.

Is septum piercing dangerous?

Something is meant to be done only professionally, and septum piercing is one of them. If you make it done correctly with all precautions, then it is not dangerous at all, but if you make it done usually, it can be dangerous because it is not everyone’s cup of tea.
It would be best to take proper precautions like sterilization of needles, cleanliness, hygiene, and all.
It would be best if you washed your hands before touching pierced septum, giving it a proper time to heal, avoiding alcohol consumption, and smoking as it can increase inflammation.
You should not wear any accessories until the piercing is healed correctly because it can increase infection risk.
It would be best to avoid using nail paints until it is completely healed because nail paints contain many chemicals that can irritate the pierced septum.
If you take all these precautions and aftercare of septum piercing, it is safe to get your septum pierced.

Do septum piercing Bleed?

It is very usual and typical to bleed after any piercing. It exudes a little bit, and it is very familiar; no need to worry about it. Septum piercing bleeds least because it should be done through the thin layer of your nostrils skin, which is very soft and gentle.
Hence, it would not bleed much more. But if you are bleeding heavily, then it is a point of concern, then you must visit your dermatologist or any doctor for further procedures.

How long does septum piercing bleed?

Your septum bleeds slightly after the procedure, usually because a needle has just gone through your nostrils, and it is obvious to bleed. Still, the bleeding starts decreasing gradually as the septum begins healing.
If you avoid touching your septum repeatedly, it will not bleed so frequently and will be healed sooner. Bleeding of the septum piercing is co-related to the body of people who are getting the piercing done.
If you are fit and have a properly nutritious diet, it will help you recover your piercing wound faster. The faster it starts healing, the lesser bleeding will be there.

Why is septum piercing pain sharply when we move the upper lip?

A needle has been used to pierce your septum, and it has torn the tissues of your nostrils so that it will hurt for some time. If you don’t give proper time to heal it, then it will be harrowing.
It would be best if you did not often touch your septum because it will increase your nostril and upper lip’s redness. If you frequently stretch your upper lip, it will cause pain because the skin has not healed correctly yet.
Pulling your upper lip will be a harrowing experience, so avoid stretching your upper lip until the skin is completely healed. Please give it some rest for the healing process; otherwise, it can be harrowing.