Rhino Piercing
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Everything about Rhino Piercing

Rhino piercing is a cartilage piercing and is one the most uncommon among all other piercings. It is done starting from the nose tip and comes out from the cartilage of the nose. The other name of Rhino piercing is vertical piercing. It is named so because it resembles the spike of a rhino.

When you press the tip of your nose using two fingers, you will be able to feel two different parts. One part will be soft and will feel like muscles. The second part will feel like it contains cartilage. The first is the one where the Rhino piercing majorly occurs. The most common jewellery that is used for this piercing is a curved barbell.

This is one of the hardest piercing, and thus its price is a little bit higher than other piercings. Only the experts having a higher experience level could do this piercing.

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Rhino Piercing Pain

Coming to the “pain” part, Rhino piercing is the most painful piercing. It is kept at the top of the list. This is so because this piercing involves cartilage and not just the flesh. It is also believed to be one of the most “uncomfortable” piercing as it requires a significant of flesh that the needle must travel.

You must note that if you get Rhino piercing from an expert, then everything will go smoothly. Also, the pain is decided based on your pain tolerance. Some might feel just a pinch of pain, and for some, it might be unbearable. As per the stats, most people have said that the pain was comparatively less than their expectations.

Aftercare of Rhino piercing

Because this is a cartilage piercing technique, so, it takes time to heal. The estimated duration of healing is about 6 to 7 months. But, you can try to speed up the process by following various methods. Below are some points that you can follow:

Rhino Piercing

  • Avoid the thought that you have got a Rhino piercing on the tip of your nose and try not to touch it. This is because your hands remain exposed to the outer environment. Hence, it might be dirty or might contain bacteria. Putting your hands on the freshly pierced area could lead to infection.
  • It would be best if you cleaned the piercing two times every day. In this way, your piercing is clean and healthy. This reduces the risk of infection. Washing it with warm salt water is the best idea that you can go for.
    After cleaning the area, you should dry it with the help of a towel whose fibre does not stick to the wound.
  • It’s best to avoid swimming till your wound gets healed completely. This is because you never know when your piercing might get infected due to the chemicals in the water or something else.
  • You should always check the piercing. If you feel that the piercing is slightly shifting, you should immediately remove the jewellery to prevent the scar or any tissue damage.


  • If the piercer is somehow unable to manage and does something wrong, then there are chances that you might suffer heavy damage.
  • If the object used to pierce touches the cartilage present at the centre of the nose during the piercing, it would badly affect your nose.
  • Whenever you are changing your cloth, your jewellery might get stuck without you identifying it. And you will end up getting a wound due to the stretching of the skin.
  • Migration: Migration does not mean that the jewellery you are wearing will come out of the piercing. So, you have to be extra careful about the location of the piercing and the jewellery.
  • Infection – Swelling, bleeding, and pus are some of the characteristics by which you can understand that there are some issues related to piercing. Not everyone’s skin is comfortable with this. If you face any of the three issues, then it denotes infection.

Side effects of Rhino Piercing

Other than being so attractive, Rhino piercing has several side-effects, and they are:

There are chances of stretching the skin if you put on heavy jewellery. This will leave a mark on your nose that will not at all look good.

You might face irritation or itching on the skin near the pierced area. This might be because your skin is unable to accept the metal of your jewellery. In this case, you should immediately remove the object and consult your piercer.

If you wish to remove the jewellery in the future and hope that the piercing gets filled, you should know that the mark will remain. Rhino piercing is that piercing that leaves a mark on your nose. Even though the hole gets filled, then also, people will be able to see the mark.




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