Septum Piercing Infection FAQs
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Septum Piercing Infection | All Related FAQs

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How does an infected septum piercing smell?

Some dead skin cells and bacteria mix up with oil secretion, which creates a funky smell. This smell is very stinky and unusual. You should clean your piercing, take out your jewelry from your septum, put it in some lukewarm water, and then wear it.
It is the only way to get rid of that funky, stinky smell. Ensure your piercing and jewelry are clean if you want to avoid that stinky smell from your septum piercing.

How do I make sure my septum piercing doesn’t get infected?

First of all, choose an experienced and licensed piercer for your septum piercing. Make sure to clean your piercing on time, avoid touching your piercing very often, don’t crust it, and use lukewarm water to soften any crusting.
Use a clean cloth to dry piercing after cleansing, make sure that skin around the piercing doesn’t get dry(moisturize it well), avoid swimming for few days. Don’t forget to clean your jewelry as well; gently turn the jewelry during the cleaning process.

Do septum piercings get infected easily?

If we speak about septum piercing, they are least prone to infection because it is done between the mucous membrane (present between your nostrils). This is considered a unique location because these tissues are very soft and self-healing in very little time.
There are very few chances of getting a septum infection until you get proper precautions and take care of your septum piercing.

How do you know if your septum is infected?

After getting your septum pierced, if you find excessive bleeding, experience intolerable pain, yellow, green, or some milky discharge, it is high time to visit your dermatologist or doctor because these are the signs of the infected septum.
After getting your piercing, if you find a little bit of swelling is also a matter of concern. If you feel any healing sensations or excessive redness or feel unwell, you may have an infection.

How long does septum piercing infection last?

It mainly depends on how much infection is there, and it also depends on the skin sensitivity as well as. If you take proper care of your septum piercing, take all precautions, and maintain hygiene, then it will be fine in 1-3 weeks around.
If your septum is infected, avoid touching your septum or your jewelry very often because it can increase infection quickly.

Is my septum piercing infected and irritated?

If you find excessive bleeding or blood clotting, unusual discharge, hot sensations and excessive swelling around your piercing area, and redness, then your septum piercing may be infected.
If you find yourself unwell and your skin is getting irritated, then you should go to a professional doctor for further queries and treatment.



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