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Septum Piercing Pain | All Related FAQs

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Septum piercing is short of piercing, which is done between your nostrils. This piercing goes through the soft tissues between your nostrils (this is the reason of septum piercing pain). Nowadays, septum piercing is considered a trending icon. It looks unique, and you can add accessories to it to enhance its beauty to out most. Of course, it is a sort of piercing, so obviously, it will hurt, but in comparison to the other piercings, it hurts the least because septum tissues are very soft. Hence, it is less painful than cartilage and any other hard tissues. Once the piercing is done, you must take care of it until it heals properly.

Are septum piercings painful? / How bad does a septum hurt? 

Whenever anyone thinks about any piercing, then the first question that comes to our mind is pain. It is a universal truth that piercing hurts, but septum piercing hurts least because it goes through the fleshy tissues present between your nostrils.
These tissues are very soft and gentle in contrast to cartilage other hard tissues. Because of the softness of these tissues, septum piercing hurts the least.
The pain of the septum piercing is tolerable and almost ten times less than nose piercing because there is the least number of nerves ending on the outer side of your nose instead of the inner side of the nose.

Can you die from septum piercing?

Well, It is tough to believe that anyone can die from septum piercing. It is rare and almost impossible to die from getting your septum pierced because the piercing is widespread and useful that can be healed with due time.
Still, one should be concerned about health issues and have an eye on their piercing that it doesn’t get infected. Sometimes septum piercing can lead to several infections, which can create complications later.
Before getting septum pierced, you should check adequately either the material used in piercing is sterilized or not. Have a person check on cleanliness and hygiene too.
Septum piercing should be done only by professionals then you can decrease the risk of several complications.

Is septum piercing dangerous?

Something is meant to be done only professionally, and septum piercing is one of them. If you make it done correctly with all precautions, then it is not dangerous at all, but if you make it done usually, it can be dangerous because it is not everyone’s cup of tea.
It would be best to take proper precautions like sterilization of needles, cleanliness, hygiene, and all.
It would be best if you washed your hands before touching pierced septum, giving it a proper time to heal, avoiding alcohol consumption, and smoking as it can increase inflammation.
You should not wear any accessories until the piercing is healed correctly because it can increase infection risk.
It would be best to avoid using nail paints until it is completely healed because nail paints contain many chemicals that can irritate the pierced septum.
If you take all these precautions and aftercare of septum piercing, it is safe to get your septum pierced.

Do septum piercing Bleed?

It is very usual and typical to bleed after any piercing. It exudes a little bit, and it is very familiar; no need to worry about it. Septum piercing bleeds least because it should be done through the thin layer of your nostrils skin, which is very soft and gentle.
Hence, it would not bleed much more. But if you are bleeding heavily, then it is a point of concern, then you must visit your dermatologist or any doctor for further procedures.

How long does septum piercing bleed?

Your septum bleeds slightly after the procedure, usually because a needle has just gone through your nostrils, and it is obvious to bleed. Still, the bleeding starts decreasing gradually as the septum begins healing.
If you avoid touching your septum repeatedly, it will not bleed so frequently and will be healed sooner. Bleeding of the septum piercing is co-related to the body of people who are getting the piercing done.
If you are fit and have a properly nutritious diet, it will help you recover your piercing wound faster. The faster it starts healing, the lesser bleeding will be there.

Why is septum piercing pain sharply when we move the upper lip?

A needle has been used to pierce your septum, and it has torn the tissues of your nostrils so that it will hurt for some time. If you don’t give proper time to heal it, then it will be harrowing.
It would be best if you did not often touch your septum because it will increase your nostril and upper lip’s redness. If you frequently stretch your upper lip, it will cause pain because the skin has not healed correctly yet.
Pulling your upper lip will be a harrowing experience, so avoid stretching your upper lip until the skin is completely healed. Please give it some rest for the healing process; otherwise, it can be harrowing.



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