Septum Piercing Aftercare Faqs
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Side effects of Septum Piercing

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Can a septum piercing cause headache?

Yes, septum piercing can cause a headache even though headache is one of the most common septum piercing side effect. If you are having sinus issues and all they probably the headache maybe last more longer.
So anyone who is having sinus issues should be very cautious about his headache and further side effects like headache.

Can I flip my septum first day?

Flipping your septum jewellery or accessories on the very first day is not a good idea. If you flip your septum first day, then it would be a harrowing experience because the septum has not healed yet.
It will take a proper time to heal that piercing, but if there is any compulsion of flipping it, then flip it once and leave it. Do move it repeatedly; otherwise, it will irritate your skin and don’t forget to wash your hands first before flipping it.

What nose shape is best for septum piercing?

Any shape and size of the nose can look great with a septum piercing. But generally, septum piercing best suits on wider noses rather than narrow noses provide much surface area for septum piercing.
Wider septums are considered better over narrow for piercing. Piercing are very versatile so you can enjoy it with your different experiments, it would look great on any nose shape.

Can a septum piercing hit a nerve?

Yes, It is possible that a septum piercing can hit a nerve. If it hits any nerve, then it will cause temporary numbness or pain.
It is sporadic, but you should be very careful while septum piercing if anything happens like this, it will be very painful and take so much time to recover. It would be best if you went to some professional piercer to avoid these kinds of complication.

Does septum piercing make your nose look bigger?

Not at all, neither septum piercing or any other nose piercing make your nose look more prominent. It is merely a myth; even they create a mesmerizing look and add more fashion to your lifestyle.
They enhance your beauty, and those accessories are the brownie point for you because they make you look more beautiful. You can try a different kind of accessories to high up your fashionable style.

How quickly do septum piercing close?

It depends upon the type of your skin and the gauge. If it is fresh and you are not wearing anything in piercing then gradually it starts closing, and within a year it can be close.
You should wear some accessories in your septum piercing; otherwise, it will start closing if your gauge is more profound than it can take more than one year to closed.

Can you sleep with your septum flipped up?

Ans. Yes, it is okay to sleep with your flipped up septum only if it is the retainer. If it is the retainer then without any doubts, you can sleep while flipping it up.
If it is not a retainer, then ensure that the two balls are flipped up into your nose, and they are screwed on tightly. Just make sure it does not fall out while flipping up, it should be tightened. Otherwise, it can be a matter of concern.

Does a septum piercing affect you breathing?

Difficulty in breathing is a rare side effect of a septum piercing. This side is known as the name of a septal hematoma. It is considered one of the most severe potential threats of septum piercing, and it starts causing difficulty in breathing gradually.
If you are feeling any difficulty, then you must visit and doctor and can go for any other professional help for your concern as soon as possible.



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