Third Eye Piercing
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Everything you need to know about Third Eye Piercing

Third eye piercing is also sometimes referred to as Forehead piercing or bindi piercing. In this type of piercing, small colored dots, which are sometimes also small jewelry pieces, are placed on the forehead on the area between our eyes.

This piercing looks the same as “bindi” in the Hindu religion. But, the difference is that the bindi is not pierced, but the third eye piercing is pierced.

The piercing is done on the area above the eyebrows. Third eye-piercing comes in many patterns and colors.

There is a broad category to choose from online and at local makeovers. Because of its adaptability with the forehead, smaller jewelry is suggested. You may replace them every time you wish to have a new look.

If you’re curious about having a third eye piercing and wish to know about the same, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got all the knowledge you should know about this piercing to help you figure out what is right for you.

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Third-Eye Piercing Pain

As compared with other piercings, third eye piercing is quite low in ranking on the pain scale. According to the people who have got this piercing, they have said that they barely felt any pain while getting this.

But, it should also be considered that everybody has a different threshold to pain. Some could bear very high pain, and some could not even withstand a slight pain.

So, we could say that the pain caused by a third eye piercing is not unbearable, and you will easily handle it.

Coming to its healing, it could take about 4 to 6 weeks to heal fully. But there are a few aftercare steps that you can follow to speed the healing process.

Aftercare of Third Eye Piercing

Third Eye Piercing

There are a few tips that you can follow if you want to speed up the process of healing the pierced area. Other than this, the following information will also help maintain the piercing location and other risks.

1. Do not touch: Forget that you have got a third eye piercing on your forehead and try not to touch it in any case.
The reason behind this is that your hands are exposed to the external environment.
Due to this, it might be dirty or might contain bacteria. Putting your hands on the freshly pierced area could lead to infection.

2. Cleaning the region: You should clean the piercing twice a day. This ensures hygiene around the pierced area and reduces the risk of infection.
You can prefer warm salt water to continue with the cleaning procedure.
After cleaning the site, you should dry it with the help of a towel whose fiber does not stick to the wound. Your towel should also be clean.

3. Drop the idea of swimming for a few weeks: It’s best to avoid swimming during the healing period.
This is because you never know when your piercing might get infected due to the chemicals in the water or something else.

4. Keep an eye on migration: You keep an eye on the piercing. If you feel that the piercing is slightly shifting, you should immediately remove the jewelry.
If you didn’t do so, then you might end up having a scar left or tissue damage.

Risks of Third Eye Piercing

Third Eye Piercing

Other than several positivities, there are so many risks associated with third eye-piercing. Below are some of the most common risks that people face.

1. The skin of your forehead is thin, so the chance of migration is high.

2. Whenever you put on a cloth to wear, the jewelry might get stuck with your cloth and stretch the skin. It might also cause bleeding.

3. There are several blood vessels on your forehead. If in case those blood vessels get affected, then it might result in infection or irritation.

Side Effect

Third eye-piercing looks very beautiful. In the beginning, after getting a piercing, you might face no issues. But, after a few days, your body might start reacting to it in different ways. There are several side-effects of third eye-piercing. They are:

1. Your skin might start stretching due to the jewelry and can cause scars.

2. Sometimes the jewelry that is placed on the piercing has a metal that your skin might not withstand. This can cause irritation or other reactions.

3. Having a piercing might cause a change in skin color.


Getting a third eye piercing is a good idea because it adds to your beauty. But, it also requires proper attention. If you do not pay good care to it, it might cause you some trouble like pain, irritation, infection, etc.

While you are choosing jewelry, then you must be extra careful because then the skin of the forehead is thin and cannot hold heavy jewelry.



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