Tongue Piercing
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Tongue Piercing

If you love tiny bead piercings, how about experimenting with them over your tongue? Here, we would discuss some really fascinating forms of tongue piercing.
Namely, a horizontal tongue piercing and vertical tongue piercing. A vertical tongue piercing is considered a very safe form of tongue piercing, especially when we compare it with horizontal tongue piercing.
The risks associated with this piercing are incredibly high. However, since it is in fashion, and there is no legal rule prohibiting it, horizontal tongue piercing is favored and demanded by youth in large numbers.

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What is Horizontal Tongue Piercing?

A horizontal tongue piercing is at the tip of your tongue, in a horizontal direction. At times, they are also known as scoop tongue piercing or snake eye-piercing.
For piercing, a clamp is used to hold the tongue in place after marking the entry and exit points. Post that, a sterilized needle is inserted to puncture the language and make the hole. Then the jewelry is worn.
Usually, a curved barbell made of stainless steel is used as jewelry. A common variation seen in this piercing is double horizontal piercing.


Double horizontal tongue piercing

A horizontal tongue piercing is carried out simultaneously and placed adjacent to each other in a double horizontal tongue piercing.


What is vertical tongue piercing?

A vertical tongue piercing is a much more common form of tongue piercing when compared to a horizontal tongue piercing. Firstly, you decide the position of the piercing.
Then, depending on the size of your oral cavity, the size of the jewelry is chosen. It is done from the dorsal surface of the tongue to the ventral surface.
This means that the piercing is done from the lower end of the tongue. 


Healing process and Aftercare 

The healing process of tongue piercing takes somewhere between three to four weeks. Within this time period, one must rinse their mouth with warm saline water.
This will ensure that there is no food accumulation surrounding the piercing. Also, it is advisable to raise the oral cavity with a point five percent betadine solution.
This betadine solution will ensure oral hygiene, and at the same time, it will make sure that there are no unwanted bacteria left behind which might infect the piercing site.



A tongue piercing ranks high on the pain scale. Most people complain of slight pain over a few days. Many even claim that it pains for at least a week.
There can be slight swelling also which can be seen around the incision. This is due to the large arteries present on the tongue.
The tongue has an opening of a vast number of blood vessels and nerve endings. These axon endings increase the sensation of pain with the piercer makes and incision.
Piercings are made without the use of lidocaine which is a local anesthetic to numb the pain.



The most significant advantage of a this piercing is the satisfaction that one gets. It is often paired with gratitude of confidence.

Cons and risks 

The cons of getting this piercing have a long list, such as gum erosion, cuts while talking in the inner cheek of the oral cavity, bruises on the lips, and the inner surface of the lips.
In many cases, chipped-off teeth are also seen. Amongst this, gum erosion is most commonly seen. A discomfort while speaking and swallowing is also widespread. 

Along with arteries and veins, several nerves are ending present at the tongue as well. Numerous taste buds can be found too.
If the piercer makes a slight error, you can use your taste sensations as well. The worst part is, none of these side effects are reversible. 



It will cost you somewhere between fifty to ninety dollars. This rate often includes the cost of the jewelry as well.

Frequently asked questions

How to clean snake eye piercing?

Snake eye-piercing can be easily cleaned by rinsing the oral cavity with lukewarm water mixed with a small quantity of salt. 

Are snake eyes piercing Dangerous?

Yes, snake eye piercings are considered dangerous because there are several risks associated with them.

Can you use a straight bar for snake eyes?

It is advisable to use a curved barbell for the piercing of snake eyes. 

Is a horizontal tongue piercing safe?

If the piercer is very experienced, one can say that horizontal tongue piercing is safe. In typical cases, it is considered to be too risky.

Can getting a tongue piercing paralyze you?

No, a tongue piercing cannot cause paralyzing of the entire body. However, in case of permanent damage, one can see paralyzing of the tongue, which will result in taste loss, speech loss, and difficulty in swallowing.



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