Tragus Piercing
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Everything you need to know about Tragus Piercing

The Tragus Piercing is the prominent eminence extending from the outer ear, which covers the meatus or the ear canal.
This piercing is done manually by a piercer. The piercer inserts a sterilized needle through the Tragus, after cleaning or sterilizing the area.
The piercing is either done from the inside to outside or vice versa. 

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Types of Tragus piercing.

Surface tragus piercing

The most common form of tragus Piercing is Surface Tragus piercing. This type of piercing is done directly at the Tragus of the ear. 

Anti tragus piercing

The anti-tragus piercing is done over the area, which is precisely opposite to the Tragus. 

Double tragus piercing

The piercing is known as a double tragus piercing when two piercings are done simultaneously or side-by-side over the Tragus.


The cost of a tragus piercing can range between twenty-five to fifty dollars. But it may vary on a few factors such as the experience of the piercer and the locality and popularity of the piercing shop.
The type of jewelry and the material it is made up of also plays a significant role in the pricing.

How much does a it pain?

The pain associated with the tragus piercing is slightly higher than the other types of ear piercing. This is because the skin over the
Tragus is slightly thicker than the rest of the ear. But yes, it is worth it.

Healing Time

The average healing time of a tragus piercing is between six to eight weeks.

Tragus Piercing


  1. Clean the piercing with cotton wool swabs and saline or betadine solutions around two to three times a day.
  2. Avoid touching the site of piercing with bare or dirty hands, as they may cause infection.
  3. In case of any discharge or debris formation, rinse it with mild antibacterial soap and water.
  4. Avoid wearing earbuds or headphones as they may add pressure to the pierced area.

What are the Risks and side effects associated with Tragus piercing?

  1. The most common side effect associated with Tragus piercing is inflammation and pus formation.
  2. If your piercer is not using a sterilized needle, you can even have blood-borne infections. These include minor bacterial infections of streptococci to major viral infections such as Hepatitis or HIV. So you must ensure that your piercer utilizes sterilized needles.
  3. You may develop an allergic reaction to the material of your jewellry or against the trauma caused during piercing.
  4. Rejection from one’s body to the piercing jewelry may also be observed.
  5. Scarring and development of bumps may also be seen.

If you notice persistent thickened bumps, you should consider getting an expert opinion.

Frequently asked questions on Tragus Piercing

Is Tragus piercing Dangerous?

While talking about piercing, one must remember that the piercer will puncture or make a hole in your skin. This often comes along with obvious risks, such as infection, scarring, etc. However, Tragus piercing is not considered to be dangerous if performed by an experienced piercer.

What piercing helps with anxiety?

As weird as it may sound, the piercing can help with anxiety. This is because piercing is believed to make you feel confident about yourself and bold in public. It acts as a means of self-enhancement. This may help in reducing one’s anxiety levels.

Do tragus piercings get infected easily?

An infection in a Tragus piercing depends on various factors such as the patient’s previous allergies, allergic reaction to the material of jewelery used, sterility of the piercing needle, and the aftercare methods. If all of this is kept in mind and the protocol for aftercare methods is followed properly, the chances of the development of infection are pretty low.

How do you know if your Tragus is rejecting?

Rejection is a body’s protection mechanism. It is present to save the body from foreign objects. In the case of tragus piercing, the body may consider the jewelry used for piercing as a foreign object and reject it. One may notice enlargement of the hole, scarring of the skin, thickening or loosening of the skin around the hole as the primary symptoms of rejection.

How long before I can change tragus piercing?

Ideally, you must wait for the healing period to get over before changing any piercing jewelery. In the case of tragus piercing, the healing period is of six to eight weeks.

Do tragus piercings close up quickly?

The closing of the hole of the tragus piercing depends on how long back you had got the piercing done. If the piercing were done within six months, it would close up within a couple of hours. However, closing up may not take place until a couple of weeks if an ear has passed. However, your skin type and age may also play a significant role in this.




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